The BadAss Cane and Un-Weapons

Of course, everybody wants to stay safe, wherever they go. We can arm ourselves, but there are plenty of places that you legally and logistically can’t just take your firearm or other weapons, such as concerts, schools, federal buildings, even entire states. The very nice police officer certainly isn’t going to look kindly on you walking down the street with a sword strapped to your back. Sure, you can carry mace or pepper spray, but again, these have restrictions on where you can take them as well. So, what’s a person to do?

We introduce you to the Un-Weapon. KW-Chop offers the BadAss Cane and various Un-Weapons, everyday items that you can use to protect yourself. Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, anyone can legally carry a cane. No, it doesn’t have a blade or anything else hidden in it. It’s just a simple, strong, hickory, and stylish cane, but in a bad situation, you can defend yourself no matter where you are. KW-Chop even offers a number of books that will help you learn how to use it.

The Un-Weapons jewelry and accessories are secret weapons that you can wear and have in plain view. The Silver Stones necklace or the Thor’s Hammer bracelet are unique and attractive pieces of jewelry that is great for both men and women.


The Silver Stones necklace has a great steam punk feel with the silver ball wrapped with brass wire on a paracord slipknot cord, allowing adjustment so you can wear it at any length. This also makes it extremely easy to remove and have in hand in a moment’s notice.


The Mjolnir Thor’s Hammer bracelet is accented with a beautifully engraved silver hammer at the end of a paracord weave bracelet with your choice of a plain weave or the accented ribbed weave. The loop hooks around the hammer making putting the bracelet on or taking it off easy and quick.

The Glitter Stick and BadAss Stick are handy keychains and key keepers that can be helpful to find your keys easily in a bag or that you can slip into your waistband when you want to leave your bag at home. It’s great for runners, helping you keep your keys and have a useful object close at hand if you ever need to protect yourself.

KW-Chop also offers books that will give you tips on how you can use the BadAss Cane and the Un-Weapons, as well as on other subjects.

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