A Question for the Ladies

In the last few years there’s been a lot of talk about whether the younger generation of men are giant snowflake wussies. For the most part that’s true but it’s not what I wanted to discuss here. I wanted to ask a slightly different question, one which will undoubtedly get me into all kinds of trouble. Why are the women who make up the equal rights movement such monumental fucking cowards?

Do you know what courageous warriors do? They fight actual fucking enemies. Do you know what bullshit whiny feminists in America do? They put on vagina costumes and march around in a country where they already have most everything they want. Are the USA and Western Europe perfect in how they treat women? No of course not. Is it the best place in the world to be a woman in all of recorded history. Easily. Women can vote, drive, own property, work, have sex, and are legally protected in all of those things. The simple fact is that, when asked, the women out protesting for rights can’t actually name a specific thing they want changed. Oh, they’ll rant about attitudes or platitudes and maybe wave a clever sign about abortion but there isn’t a single law or policy that actually discriminates.

This would be comical if it weren’t for the millions of women who have to wear bags and are beaten to death for being raped. Oh wait, that’s not a problem for the sisterhood? Why the fuck not? You want to help women? Demand that the West stop dealing with Islamic countries. Boycott any company that does business in Dubai. That shit works, ask South Africa.

At every march we hear a whole lot about girl power. Okay, use it. Fight a real foe. Go after Islam and Christianity. Go after every patriarchal religion that teaches that women are lesser. Show solidarity by burning head scarves, not wearing them, dumbass. You see, I’m a true radical. I believe ALL people are equal in the sight of the universe. Apparently that’s too tough for you girls. I guess you just don’t dress like pussies. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion. Or, in this case, not.

Micro Misery, New and Improved!

In the last post I tried to address the giant miasma of misery that has settled over our country, it’s politics, and it’s government. I suggested that we break up and settle into a bunch of smaller, like-minded countries. Too bad that even if it happened you’d likely still be miserable. After all, our entire economy and way of life fucking depends on it.

American wealth is largely built on our ability to sell each other crap, We give a lot of bullshit lip service to being a Christian nation but in reality we worship the great and petty god Commerce. Shopping centers are our temple and Amazon is our Lourdes. To be American is to Consume and in order to know what to Consume we have Holy Advertisers and Marketers. How many ads do you see/hear in a day? Hundreds, thousands, maybe more. Every company, in fact our entire economy, needs you to buy their products. And guess what? The very best way to accomplish that is to make you feel terrible about yourself. If you don’t think you’re a miserable piece of shit our whole world tumbles around us like a house of coupons.

You aren’t good enough. Your clothes are ugly and outdated. Your hygiene is even worse. Your breath and body stink. If you just had a new Iphone or a BMW you might be worth something, you colossal waste of space. Think about it. Every single god damned day you’re bombarded with the same message, both subliminally and explicitly. You suck. You need products to make you less loathsome. If you don’t buy something you’ll be miserable.

A hundred years or so ago a company couldn’t sell any more floor cleaner. In a fit of genius they invented halitosis and sold their floor cleaner as ‘mouthwash’ to an insecure populace. Today that’s known as the Listerine Effect. True Story. Now the whole economy relies on your misery and so it insults you a hundred times an hour. To be happier on a macro level we need to disconnect from each other and stop worshiping government power. On a micro level we need to disconnect from advertisers and stop worshiping Commerce. That’s why we need to Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

Time to Break up the Band

In the last few posts I opined that the federal government is corrupt, evil and just generally fucking hopeless. I even started openly rooting for failure so this week’s three ring retard circus around fixing health care has been great. However I do feel that I should perhaps be doing something more constructive than piping while my country burns. So what are my realistic options? You can’t work within a broken system. All the available parties are cesspools of self loathing. Most of the protest groups have their heads so far up their asses that they can check their own colons. What would actually be constructive? Well, when you just can’t get along anymore it’s time to break up the band.

It might be that the good old US of A has just gotten too damn big. 330+ million people over 3.8 million square miles is fucking huge. More importantly it includes dozens of different micro-cultures that have proven to be completely incompatible. The idjit hippies in Northern California have very little in common with the inbred morons in rural Arkansas. The only thing Mormon ninnies in Utah share with elitist fuckheads in New York City is a passport. Why in the hell should we all have to have same set of laws?

We shouldn’t. The founding fathers knew this. That’s why they created states rights and tried to limit the power of the central government. Well that failed but the principle was correct. I think the largest manageable group of people is somewhere around 5 to 6 million people or so. That would mean we’d need about 60 or 70 countries. Oh, and when we divide up we should feel free to ignore current state lines. They’re mostly bullshit anyway. Perhaps If I’m feeling really bored one day I might take the time and figure out how to do the split. In the meantime I’ll just keep floating the idea that dissolution is the solution. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

Rooting for Failure

As you may have gathered from the last post I have absolutely no faith in either our current government or the possibility that it can be redeemed. I do, however, have great faith in America and many of the people who live here. I think Americans are still the most independent, ornery, and optimistic people around. I truly believe that eventually they will see past the bullshit, ignore the corporate messaging, and throw the bums out. And this leaves me in the strange position of having to root for failure.

There, I said it. I want this government to fail. I want it to do stupid and horrible things. I want it’s greed and evil writ large on every television screen. Only in failure can the average person see how dire the situation the situation has become. The divide between rich and poor is terrible but it has to get worse. The surveillance state is oppressive but it probably needs to crush a lot more innocent people. Legislating every little fucking thing is ridiculous but clearly not silly enough yet. All of this is coming and for that Trump is heaven sent.

The bottom line is American government is way too large and way too powerful on every level. Citizens are groped, constricted, taxed and abused. We lock up the most people of any country in the world. The revolution must come and every stupid bit of over reach and every lie hasten it’s arrival. So believe me when I say Go Trump. It’s not hyperbole when I finish every post by saying Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

Yes, You Too

In the last post I posited that it really didn’t matter that we have an assclown for a president. Even though I’ve explicitly said that I don’t really care about your complaints I still got quite a few. So, for you Democrats who don’t follow directions very well let me take a few paragraphs to explain why you and your candidates are not ONE SINGLE BIT BETTER.

In 1985 the Dems were essentially taken over by a group called the Democratic Leadership Council led by Bill Clinton and others. They decided to sell out to corporations in order to win. Since that time they’ve either sponsored or been complicit in every piece of shitty legislation that has allowed for the complete corporate shit show we see now.

I ain’t lying. Why is the free media gone? The FCC reorganization under Clinton. Why are banks too big to fail? The repeal of Glass-Stegall also under Clinton. The security state? The TSA? The Patriot Act? Illegal marijuana? Constant war in the Middle East? All those things and more received a majority of Democratic votes.

I have a certain amount of sympathy for some Progressive positions. I have a whole plot of sympathy for any group that would like to curb corporate power. What I don’t understand is how the fuck anyone who holds these ideals can vote for a party that has utterly sold them out. The only real policy difference between the parties is that Dems use nicer language and subtler marketing.

Is all lost? At the moment I think so. The system we now suffer under is

so corrupt as to be hopeless. The whole thing has to get much much worse. But I’ll leave that for the next post. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

Trump. LOL.

I’ve gotten more than a month into this iteration of the blog and I haven’t yet gotten to everyone’s favorite topic of conversation, Donald Trump. I guess I’ll go ahead and offer my two cents over the next three posts.

I’ll begin by saying that I’m enjoying Mr Trump’s administration immensely. If you look at the whole thing as performance art it really is wildly diverting. Every cabinet pick has been more ridiculous than the one before. Royal edicts with no understanding of process. Russia scandals, wild allegations, attacks on the free press. Dems running around like their shorts were on fire. It truly is the entertainment gift that just keeps on giving. Oh wait, you weren’t taking this seriously, were you? Why?

News flash- The United States government is completely corrupt and actively works against the interests of it’s citizens. The constitution is mostly dead. The deep state bureaucracy really doesn’t care which of the nearly identical parties is pretending to be in charge. We’re little more than a group of corporations with an army. Nope, not exaggerating. Everyone hates Congress and they get re-elected over and over. I could literally sit here for the rest of the day and list things that the government does that most people hate but I’d even bore myself. The simple fact is that we, the people, have no control at all so who the fuck cares which megalomaniac is currently living on Pennsylvania Ave. At least Trump is amusing.

Our founding fathers enacted the Constitution not to grant us rights but to try to keep the government from stealing them. They kind of failed. The Feds and State and Cities tell you what you can do, when you can do it, and take most of the money you make. That won’t change without bloodshed and a real revolution. In the meantime, enjoy the show. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

Size Matters

All right, that’s enough ranting and raving for the moment. Let’s talk about something more practical today. Let’s try to keep from getting stabbed.

I don’t like knives. A skilled knife fighter will gut you before you ever know they have the damn thing. I’ve said before that I’d much rather face a gun at close range than a knife. If I get my hands on a shooter before he pulls the trigger (and I probably can) I can take his gun without getting shot. If I can get my hands knife fighter I can probably get cut. I might win, but it’s going to hurt. Don’t believe me? Try training knife takeaways with a magic marker. Pro tip: Don’t wear clothes you like.

So how do I deal with knives? If you know much about me you probably know I’m a big proponent of canes. I always carry one and I train/teach with one nearly every day. The biggest advantage of the cane is that, by law, I can take it anywhere. Second only to that is how effective they are against knives. I can knock your ass out before you get to me.

On one level all martial conflicts are about control of space. Canes give you a huge advantage because they radically increase the amount of territory you can defend without being in range of your opponent. This is particularly useful if the attacker is using something that will sever an artery or a ligament. The ability to move, cut angles, and strike at the knife wielder should give you a decent chance of coming out of the conflict with a minimum of bloodshed.

I’m not going to bother going into specific techniques here. You can’t learn this shit from a blog. Go get yourself a cane and try it. Better yet, buy a cane or book from me and hire my ass to teach you! In the meantime, Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

Grow the Fuck Up

Ok, get ready for a rant. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Have you been punched in the nose? You know, smacked right in the head. It hurts. It’s not the end of the world but it causes pain. The sensitive nerves in your face get bent out of shape and send urgent distress messages to your little pea brain and OUCH. You know what doesn’t hurt? Words.

You, yes you, are a seething pile of refuse, a scum sucking, thundering cockturtle. The world is sadder place for your presence you mouth breathing cuntwaffle. Now let’s do a quick inventory. Any nerves firing? Are you bleeding? Bones broken or joints sprained? I didn’t think so. You aren’t fucking hurt. Oh, your ‘feelings’ are hurt. So what. Are you 3? While I’m clearly being a bit silly my point is a serious one. We’ve been lied to in an absolutely ridiculous way and it’s doing terrible harm to our freedom. Words don’t hurt adults. We aren’t that weak.

How many times have you seen it? The FB meme or ad that says words are weapons. A poor victim claiming their life is fucked up because somebody said mean things. Grown ass adults claiming to be bullied because another adult used a bad word. Really? Over the last few years there’s been a consistent attempt to convince the populace that being offended matters and that words can do harm. It simply isn’t true. Hate speech and anti-bullying campaigns are thinly veiled attempts to kill free expression and you pussies are buying it. How about you all grow the fuck up?

I want to be crystal clear here. I’m not talking about the wee ones. Young humans are sensitive and growing up is hard. Adults, especially care givers, should be careful about what they say. This isn’t rocket science. Children gain responsibility and independence as they grow. That’s why we have age requirements to drive and vote and shit. They should also learn context and toughen the fuck up. If you’re over 18, act like it. Asshats. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

In This Corner, Anger…

In the last post I pointed out that the country seems to have an anger problem. No, check that. The world ABSOLUTELY DOES have an anger problem. I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise. We are angry little hairless monkeys after all. Even the holiest amongst us have trouble dealing with anger so what chance do we have?

A few years ago a group of Trappist monks at Gethsemani Monastery held a gathering of monastic people to discuss the ascetic lifestyle. Monks and renunciate practitioners from many different religions and cultures met for discussions, prayers, and discussions about the difficulties of their simple lives. One of the really interesting things that came out of this experience was the hardest challenge reported by all the attendees. Giving up anger. Yep, anger. They had resolved themselves to live without sex, meat, alcohol, creature comforts, children and all the other things we all think might be hard to leave behind. What they couldn’t give up so easily was anger.

If you give this some deeper thought I suppose it makes sense. Anger is the purest expression of ego. It nearly always results from some form of not getting what you want. To give up anger requires that you give up your ego, your expectations, and your judgment. Monks have left the world to accomplish this and no one said it would be easy.

Martial arts should be an avenue to address this very question. Your opponent is never your enemy, anger and your demons are the real foe. If you aren’t training this way you’re either practicing a sport or your doing it wrong. If you’re training you need to be thinking about this. If you aren’t training, or at least practicing something, you might well be letting anger rule your life and that would be a shame. After all, if you’re pissed off, you’re part of the problem, no matter how ‘right’ you might be. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.

Why are you so Angry?

I know I use this blog to rant and rave about all kinds of things. It’s therapeutic and fun but I’m not actually that pissed off. Truth be told I’m kind of an old hippy. I’m much more Don Cornelius wishing you “Peace, Love and Soul” than Don King. It’s from this place that I pose the following question: What in the hell is everyone so mad about?

Nope, not a rhetorical question. Everybody everywhere is angry. At everything. Look at politics. There were furious demonstrations and calls for our new president’s impeachment less than 24 hours after he took office. The left, taking a break from preaching tolerance, hate this guy. Kind of like good Christians hated the last guy. Everybody hates Congress. Um, didn’t you all just finish voting for these guys?

A whole lot of conservative people here seem pissed off at Muslims which is strange because Muslims hate gay people, just like some of them do. Then, to further complicate the situation, liberal women are furious about the treatment of Muslims even though Muslims mostly want to take all their rights away. Black people are way pissed at white people. Women are enraged at men. It goes on and on. Why?

Much of this anger seems to be badly misplaced. America ain’t perfect but when it comes right down to it there isn’t a much more tolerant, diverse place on Earth. Why in the hell are women so pissed off at us when Saudi Arabia treats them like shit? Sure, our civil rights history isn’t perfect but I don’t see the relationship between the places we need to do better and the amount of rage it produces.

Politics is the most obvious but anger seems to be everywhere. The environmental movement is preaching a rage filled doom. Music is full anger and so are the movies. The news media has turned into a 24 hour outrage producing machine. I just don’t get it.

Not to be contrary but the fact is things aren’t really that bad. As a society we treat minorities and women more equally than we ever have in history. The environment is way the fuck better than it was 50 or even 100 years ago. Standards of living are pretty decent. Yes the government is fucked but it always has been and likely always will be. Perhaps, as the Buddha said, the problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude.

To sum it up, the world is pretty good but you’re an asshole. How about we we stop and take a breath or two. Maybe let’s focus on some good things. Let’s see what we can agree upon. Let’s all work really hard on fixing our anger problem and the other problems might get quite a bit better. See, I told you I was a hippy. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios, & Viva la Revolucion.