I know I promised but…

Okay, so last night I got in bed to watch Johnny Carson. (Remember, I live in 1978. You thought I was kidding about that? I watch Match Game during breakfast too.) This particular show was from 1980 and one of the guests was Gore Vidal. He’d been booked to discuss his views on the impending Carter/Reagan election. And you know what? His opinion fit this election even better than that one.

So what did the irascible but ever erudite Mr Vidal have to say? He opined that the country was facing a terrible decision between a Dem that everybody hated a completely incompetent poser. He said that both candidates were chosen by elites, bankers, and the media. He figured neither of them would do a single damn thing to actually increase the liberty, happiness or prosperity of average Americans. In summation he believed that our two party system had become corrupt beyond redemption and that our future choices were only going to get worse. Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

Okay, so this is no big news to anybody paying attention. What I got excited about was his solution. He pointed out that rich powerful people only spend money when they’re going to get something and that they spend a whole lot on elections where they really don’t give a shit who wins. They also spend both money and air time on get out the vote campaigns and trying to convince us how fucking important an election is to the country. This only makes sense if the election itself is important to them even if the results aren’t. It’s crucial to their interests that we THINK the election matters and that we have illusion of choice. His solution? Don’t vote.

His argument was quite compelling. If very few people vote than the winner can’t claim legitimacy. Super low turnout might mean that Dorothy has seen behind the curtain. Instead of divisive two party bullshit people might start talking about real change. You know, things like constitutional amendments and limiting the power of rulers. He was even hoping for a constitutional convention to really fix shit. Cool!

Funny, it seems I was reading a very similar argument somewhere recently. Oh yeah, the was ME on this very blog. Okay, so I can’t help myself. I’m going to make my political plea one more time. I know its likely hopeless but I’m not going to give up my hippie optimism just yet.

Please DON’T VOTE, at least for federal offices. Go ahead and go to the polls. Vote as you’d like for propositions and local offices, just don’t vote at all for president, senate or house seats. You know both parties are corrupt and all the candidates suck. Trump is self involved rich fuck who won’t actually do a thing and Clinton is corrupt to her very core. In reality it doesn’t matter one whit who wins. The exact same power will stay intact.

We all hate the Senate and the House. Everybody wants to vote all the bums out but we all know the system has been so corrupted that almost all of them will be re-elected. So just don’t vote for any of them. Imagine the news weasels the next morning when overall voter turnout is 80% but less that 40% voted for president. They’ll freak the hell out. It’ll throw a real scare into the fuckers and it might be the start of real change.

Go ahead, I dare you. Be a real American. Be brave in the face of media hype and threats from the ruling class. Don’t be scared little sheep voting for someone you don’t really like because the party said the other guy might be worse. We can do this. We’ve done it before. At our core we’re ornery violent fuckers who believe in ourselves more than we believe in the upper classes. So do it. Stand the hell up. Be truly patriotic. Don’t vote.