Who’s Guns?

I know this is pointless. It’s an emotional issue and these days nobody ever listens to reason or, god forbid, changes their mind. But that’s okay, I don’t mind fighting the hopeless fight, in fact I rather prefer it. So here we go, a simple gun control question…

Exactly who’s guns do you want to ‘control’? I’m not just being facetious, it’s a serious question. Guns aren’t going to magically go away and we can’t possibly predict which people will misuse them so let’s seriously look at that question.

First let’s stipulate that the military gets guns. That would include national guard and reserves. Okay, fine. Now if you’re attacked and call the police I assume you’d like them to bring guns. So all cops get guns. That’s probably going to mean all federal agents too. More than 40 agencies have SWAT teams so that’s a lot of damn people. State cops and employees too. Okay, so anyone in law enforcement in any way gets a gun. Time for a little realism. If you give this government the right to determine who gets a gun they’re going to exempt themselves. Duh. So let’s revise that to most government employees get a gun.

How about security and body guards? Of course. How about corporate and private rich people security? Again, let’s be realistic. Rich people and corporations own the government and they’re going to make sure they get to have guns. Military contractors? Again, you’d have to say that’s going to happen. Even if we manage to stop it right there where does that leave us?

I’ll tell you where that leaves us. Truly and utterly fucked. Are you seriously telling me that you’re proposing a system where the government, the corporate and the rich are the only people who get to be armed? So who does that leave unarmed? Me. Damn near everyone I know. Minorities. Artists. Dissenters. Thinkers and teachers and anyone who fucking works for a living or thinks for themselves. I’m not being paranoid, it’s just an absurd idea to think Monsanto should have guns but farmers shouldn’t. Are you that trusting? Are you that mother fucking stupid?

Look, it’s been said a thousand times, mostly because IT”S TRUE. Criminals will continue to have guns either way. They’re fucking criminals. I can literally not think of a dumber idea than creating a three tier society of armed rich people, armed criminals, and unarmed serfs. Jeez, go read some history. For fuck’s sake if you want gun control you want facism, and if you’re taking guns you’re probably going to want mine. And that, my friends, isn’t going to happen. I’m an American. We don’t do that.