the ACA

Ok, look, I’m sure that the ACA helped some people and I’m sure it probably has some decent stuff in there. But I’m also sure that it has fucked Sharon and me over repeatedly and continues to do so in new and inventive ways. Keep reading if you’re interested in the details…

We’ve been self employed, and therefor buying our own insurance, for 20+ years. Before the ACA we had a good policy that we researched, chose, and paid for. It became became illegal under the ACA at the end of 2013 and we were forced into the Nevada exchange. We ended up with a policy that cost more and covered less. Also, even though we paid our premium every month, there was a paperwork screw up that meant we were uncovered for 2 months. I got sick (asthma) during that time and it almost bankrupted us. We also both lost our doctors and had to start over, but at least we were covered, right? Yep, for 10 months.

At the end of 2014 Nevada closed it’s exchange and we had to start all over with the Feds. Another round of computer glitches later we were again covered, and again had a big rate increase. We went from $130 for our chosen policy to $450 in the first exchange to $700 in the new one, but we did get to keep the same doctors. And again, we were covered. FOR 10 FUCKING MONTHS.

We’ve now been informed that our health insurance company has decided that it cannot compete under the ACA system and is, quite literally, quitting. Just going out of business. Bye bye. So for the third time in three years we get to go back into the exchange and start over. There are only 2 companies left from which to choose and our insurance is likely to go up to about $900, or about what we pay to rent my dojo. It’s quite likely that we’re going to be forced onto Medicaid in the next two years. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Neither of our doctors will do business with those companies so we have to get new ones. Again. But wait, there’s more…

Sharon takes birth control pills and has for 20 years. Her prescription is up and guess what? Her doctor won’t refill it without an appointment. Ok, except she also won’t make appointments with patients who are leaving at the end of the year. She’s too busy to devote resources to them. Of course Sharon can’t choose a new doctor until we have a new plan in January. Now we have to go to Planned Parenthood and pretend we don’t have insurance so that they can refill her prescription for $50. And then we’ll have to buy the pills, which are normally covered under the plan we pay for but can’t use.

So let’s recap. We bought and paid for our own policies for 20 years. Those polices were outlawed and we’re now forced to buy much more expensive ones. We’ve also been forced to buy a different policy every year and are about to be priced out of insurance all together. And the two things we actually use, asthma emergencies and birth control, have been unavailable to us when we needed them. I really don’t understand how this is an ‘improvement’ and I’d like to offer a hearty FUCK YOU to everyone involved in the legislation.