The Magic Law Fairy

It’s so sad and silly.  Bright, energetic and relatively aware people who continue to believe in one of the least effective of the petty gods who populate our collective fantasy life.   I’m talking, of course, about the magic law fairy.   Belief in this bullshit little sprite is at an all time high even though smart people really should know better.   But, like most religious adherents, no amount of logic or reality can shake their absolute, albeit ridiculous, faith and the world suffers for it.

Look, we know the magic law fairy doesn’t actually work.  Prostitution, marijuana, gambling, alcohol, various heterosexual sex acts, cocaine, suicide, government corruption, adultery, gay sex, Blah blah blah.  I could literally go on for hours and hours listing the things this country has made illegal to absolutely no effect.   Did the ‘war on drugs’ actually address addiction?   Or keep you from smoking pot?   Did gay people magically disappear from states that banned gay relationships?   Did Prohibition stop drinking or end alcoholism? Of course not and you know it.   So why in the hell do you think the magic law fairy will get rid of guns or stop mass shootings?   Oh yeah, bullshit faith and laziness.

News flash from reality: Making guns illegal will not stop mass shootings any more than pot laws have eliminated pot. LAWS ARE NOT MAGIC. THE MAGIC LAW FAIRY DOES NOT REALLY EXIST.  There are these annoying little things called FACTS.  There were lots of guns around in 1994 and there were no school shootings. The assault rifle long predates Columbine.  The country is full of guns and they will still be here.  Oh, and by the way, your continued belief in the magic law fairy is the largest impediment to finding the actual causes.  Something else changed but you’re too busy with your simpleton sympathetic magic poppycock to help figure it out.

But Angus, I hear you say, we have to do SOMETHING.   Okay, but how will do something useless help?   And useless is the BEST possible result.  Frequently the law fairy’s actions have horrible consequences.   Inner city African-American communities might never recover from our ‘war on drugs’.   Outlawing abortion left thousands of women scarred emotionally and physically. Are you looking for an actual solution or just trying to make yourself fell better?   Oh yeah, it’s your faith pitted against reality, and poor reality rarely wins.

It’s depressing but I guess blind faith in a fairy is easier than asking if filling our kids with heavy doses of anti-depressants is a good idea or caring for those who feel alienated and alone.   Just like outlawing heroin is easier than dealing with addiction or banning prostitution is easier than raising healthy daughters.   Still, one can’t help but decry the irony of socially liberal people who scoff at things like creationism putting their dumb faith in a paper document that has no more connection to reality.   If the bright, caring people are this stupid is there any hope of Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion?