Send Lawyers Guns and Money…

Good morning boys and girls, let’s try a thought experiment today. I’m going to present two paragraphs with some words left out. They’re going to express sentiments that I hear on a regular basis. How would you fill in the blanks?

#1- The __________ is the cornerstone of our democracy. The freedoms that __________ guarantees have allowed us to grow and prosper as a people. Without the ___________ we might very well slide into more restrictive, repressive and even fascist society. I know that some of the results and perceived abuses of the __________ can make people uncomfortable, and that there are those that push it’s boundaries beyond what is reasonable, but none the less the __________ must be defended at all costs.

#2- The __________ is an old and probably dangerous idea. The founding fathers could not possibly have foreseen the cultural and technological changes when they wrote the __________. Things have changed and some modification and reasonable curbs need to be put in place. The __________ would never be enacted today. After all, we know better now how dangerous it can be. And really, it’s to protect the children.

Your choices to fill in the blanks are the 1st and 2nd Amendments. If you’re a conservative, red state Christian you probably put the 2nd in the first paragraph and 1st in the second one. I hear their arguments all the time. We have to censor the television. Artists shouldn’t challenge religion. This is a Christian country and should be run as such. Seeing sex will destroy the children. The government really should enforce my morals and my religion on everyone, especially the evil mass media and Hollywood.

If you’re a blue state liberal democrat you’ll just reverse the order. Hurray for freedom of the press and art and religion. But guns are bad. They kill people. Nobody NEEDS a large magazine and an assault rifle. And oh my god, we must save the children. Really, it would be safer for all of us of we’d just trust the government and hand over all the guns.

Here’s the lesson on all this: You’re both right and you’re both wrong. The 1st and 2nd Amendments matter. In fact they matter so much that our wise founding fathers put them RIGHT AT THE FUCKING TOP OF THE LIST. We are a free and prosperous people, to the extent that we are, because of both ideas. And they were put into law because the founders were smart enough to realize that there would always be a group of people attacking those rights. Namely, you!

So, to the left I say shut up. I don’t NEED an assault rifle, but I damn well have the right to own one. Just like you don’t NEED art and poetry and freedom of expression, you just like it a whole lot. And yes, guns are dangerous. So are ideas. We could spend the next 10 years debating whether an idea or an AR15 poses a bigger threat to the status quo. Look, I get that guns make you uncomfortable. So don’t own one. Just like you don’t own music that makes you uncomfortable. Or watch movies that you don’t like. Your fear does not trump the constitution unless you’re ready to hand over freedom of speech and religion to a mass vote too.

Oh, and you guys on the right, you shut up too. It’s not a Christian country, it’s a free one. If you don’t like art or poetry or rap music than don’t look at it. The occasional breast or gay kiss on film probably isn’t going to actually corrupt your children. And liberals are not killing your country. In fact they’re enriching it and driving it forward in spite of your narrow and poorly informed world view.

I know that I’m not the brightest guy in the room. (Okay, that’s probably not true, I know nothing of the sort, but you get the idea.) I’m not sure exactly why our constitution has worked when so many others have failed. Is it the 1st or 2nd Amendment that keeps us free? Maybe my gun keeps tyranny at bay. Or it could be my right to pass along ideas and challenge authority. How about we go with both. Because the red states gun might be protecting your liberal free speech, and the blue state progressive artist might be protecting your gun rights. What I do know is that BOTH sides truly believe that their favored Amendment is the crucial one and that’s enough for me to leave both well enough alone. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.

Posing and Ranting

Enough politics, I feel a good old fashioned rant coming on. Lock up the women and children and batten down the hatches, I’m getting ready to preach some fire and brimstone shit up in here…

You wanna know the first step on your way to any reasonable destination? Be who you are. Wanna get enlightened? Start there. Wanna get ahead in life? Same thing. Wanna make changes in your reality? Ditto. If you spend your finite time on this planet pretending to be something you aren’t than your life is a tremendous waste of time and energy. Either tell yourself the truth or get the fuck off this rock and start over.

I preach nonjudgement. I believe in nonjudgement. I genuinely don’t give a fuck who you are or what you do. As far as I’m concerned it’s all good. But don’t fucking lie to me or yourself. God, the universe, and the people who actually are what you’re pretending to be really hate it. And you look pathetic.

I’m a biker. That means I ride a motorcycle. It doesn’t mean I wear a bunch of Orange County Choppers gear and talk a good game. It means I RIDE A FUCKING MOTORCYCLE. Look, it isn’t that hard. If you wanna be a biker, go buy a bike and ride it. If not than don’t wear all the gear and talk about how cool bikes are when most anybody can tell that passing a semi in a thunderstorm on 2 wheels would make you cry and piss all yourself. Stop it. Throw the chain wallet and vest in the trash right now.

This goes double for all those sad souls out there wearing Affliction gear and thinking they’re tough because they’ve watched a bunch of mma fights and went to a fan expo. If you’re not on the mat you aren’t a martial artist. It’s just that simple. Look, I could go on and on. 2Nd Amendment rights advocates who are too scared to carry a gun. Priests and religious leaders who condemn sexuality while they chase alter boys and male prostitutes around the pulpit. Fat housewives dancing on the bar next to the biker chicks so that they can run home and tell their bridge club how fucking edgy they are. Power hungry politicians pretending like they give a shit about the people they represent. Hell, I’d probably vote for a guy that ran on a platform of ‘vote for me cause I want free stuff and domain over you’. At least that would be honest. Go ahead, make your own list. The choices seem to endless.

If you reverse the situation you can see how totally fucking ridiculous you look. How about if I put on a suit and wander around your office for a while? Maybe sit in on a meeting and offer uninformed opinions? I know, I’ll wear scrubs and hang out at the hospital. I could diagnose a disease or two and maybe handle an operation of some kind. Why not? It took me longer to become who I am than it did for you to finish medical school and you’re totally fucking comfortable watching the UFC and Sons of Anarchy and telling me all about martial arts and the biker life style. Now look, you made me so mad I’m using run on sentences. Jeez.

Look, you can be whatever you want. Unfortunately many of you want to be hypocrites. If you hate your life, change it. If you like your life, wear it with pride regardless of how it rates on some imaginary ranking of ‘coolness’. The accountant who loves his work and takes pride in it is so much cooler than a posing wannabe of any kind. I get along great with both hippies and conservative Christians if their actions match their aspirations. Real vs fake is the true divide in this country, not left vs right. Truth matters, and self truth matters most of all. Even if that truth is “I hate my life and I want to change everything”. Or “I’m scared but I want to learn”. Because this country is drowning in a sea of bullshit and it all starts with you, Mr. Lame-ass Poser. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.

Simplify (Part 2)

In the last post I addressed the first of the ONLY two issues facing our troubled US of A; income distribution. If you haven’t read the post yet, please go do so. I’ll wait. La la la la…

Okay, you’re back. Income distribution is a giant clusterfuck of a problem and I hold very little hope that the will exists to do much about it. Banana republic here we come, and not the yuppie clothing kind. It is, however, a walk in the fucking park compared to the second issue: The triumph of the State over the individual and the death of constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.

What’s more important, the rights of the individual or the needs of the State? In most every society, both past and preset, that answer has been the State. The real genius of the US Declaration and Constitution is that it reverses that dynamic. It argues that individual human beings have absolute rights and that government must be forbidden from violating them. Our government has repeatedly ignored those restrictions and we’ve let it, largely out of fear and petty divisiveness.

The rights I’m talking about are laid out in the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, usually referred to as THE BILL OF RIGHTS, strangely enough. They’re actually pretty simple. If you’re a human being you have the right to worship as you please. You can say and think whatever you want. Your government can’t lock you up or kill you for no reason. It also can’t just come in your house or search through your pockets. You can have weapons and defend yourself just like a government can. (A specific 2nd Amendment post is coming soon.) If you don’t like the government, you can say so and go tell it what you think. And you can take friends. You get a say in how things are run. In other words, YOU, and not somebody who claims authority, is in charge of your head, your body, and your relationship to the universe. How fucking sad that this should be revolutionary.

And how profoundly depressing that we don’t practice it any more. The list of violations in the last 15 years alone is hideous; rendition, drone killing, the TSA, the drug war, the terror war, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, the hijacking of elections by corporations, restrictions on diet and drugs and on and on and on. We got to be a great nation and the shining hope of this Earth precisely because we allowed individuals to be ‘free’. We believed in people. Now we’ve become everything our founders loathed.

Do you want to fix this country? Stop the government from violating the constitution. Of course that might mean you have to tolerate someone doing something that makes you uncomfortable. And there’s the rub. We’re so fear drenched and judgmental that our politics have become nothing more than a contest to see who gets to make the other side live by it’s fears. The right wins and women lose the right sexuality. The left wins and you can’t smoke of have a soft drink. Back and forth, with all of us losing in every election.

Once upon a time real Americans said things like “I hate what you believe but I’ll fight to the death to defend your right to believe it”. Or say. Or think. Or act. Or worship. When is the last time you heard somebody say that? Nope, now we say “I think something so it should be a law”. Pathetic. And deeply deeply un-American. But mostly pathetic.

Are there any politicians talking about our lost rights? No really. Oh, there are lots of politicians telling you why the other side is taking the wrong rights away, but THAT IS NOT THE SAME THING.

So there you have it. Income distribution and civil rights violations. The ONLY two issues that matter today. The first step is easy- understand that it does NOT have to be this way. The rich have no more right to wealth than you do. Civil rights are NEVER granted by the government, they’re yours already. They’re stolen by governments. Demand these things be addressed and ignore any leader who’s discussing any other topic. Then we’ll be able to say Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.

Simplify (part one)

Have you seen the news lately? Read a paper or perhaps perused a magazine on your magic little microchip powered screen? Oh, the horrors. Fiscal cliffs, the sequester, and continuing resolutions. Budgets, cuts and threats, oh my. Guns, terrorists and drones of death. The left blames the right and the right hates the left. How could anyone make sense of it all?

When in doubt, simplify simplify simplify. I’m here to tell you that there are two, and ONLY TWO, real problems facing these United States today. All this other stuff is smoke, lies and bullshit. Oh, and by the way, you won’t hear the media or the politicians in power discussing either one. What are these two things? I’m so glad you asked. Today I’ll discuss the first one…

Wealth and income distribution. Over the last 35 years most of the wealth of this nation was transferred from the middle class to the very rich and the corporations they own. I’m not going to bore you with the 10,000 graphs and charts that prove this simple fact. Go on-line, they’re all over the place. Suffice it to say that unless we take that money back nothing is going to get better.

Worried about the national debt? Cutting and austerity will only make it worse. Look at Europe right now. Want Social Security and Medicare to work? Make the middle class richer and they’re both solvent again. Concerned about education or health care? Fix poverty. Gun violence? Fix poverty. Obesity? Fix poverty. The breakdown of the family? Fix poverty. What about the ‘culture of dependency’? Educate people, feed them, and create an economy where they can kind find a decent job that pays a livable fucking wage. Election reform? Give somebody else beside the corporate rich some money to fund a candidate. Justifiably upset aver the limits of corporate owned media? Spread enough wealth around to increase competition. Not a single damn economic thing is going to improve until the nation’s wealth is back in the hands of a majority of it’s citizens.

I’m not a communist or even a socialist. Why is it that when the corporate rich use government policy to steal the wealth of the middle class it’s the ‘free market’ but when you want to reverse the process you’re a dictator? Bullshit. Jack up the top tax rates, capital gains and inheritance taxes. Cut corporate welfare and regulate them back to a reasonable size. If a politician is yapping about any economic policy or social policy without addressing wealth or income distribution he is lying to you. Don’t vote for him again.

When things are really fucked up you need to ignore the bullshit and go back to root issues. Wealth distribution is one of two root issues. In the next few days I’ll let you know the second half. In the meantime, Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.