Jobs Jobs Slaves…

Jobs jobs jobs. It’s become the mantra of this pretend election campaign. Ask just about any question involving domestic policy and the preselected meat puppet shouts out ‘jobs jobs jobs’. (Of course if you ask a foreign policy question they start spewing fear and war, but that’s a topic for another time.) Well gee, I hate to disagree with such deep thinkers, but I really must point out that, as usual, they’re lying human garbage. ‘Jobs’ aren’t that damn important. Scaring and distracting your dumb ass is…

First of all let’s dispense with the obvious: It sucks to be unemployed and unable to support one’s self. Duh. But jobs are NOT the problem with this economy, even if you don’t have one. Income disparity is the problem. Look, there’s plenty of money around. The stock market is thriving. Banks are awash in cash. Corporate profits are the highest they’ve ever been. Executives have so much money they don’t even know what the hell to do with it. You just can’t have any of it.

Why do want a job? To earn a wage. When you earn a wage you take that money out into the world and spend it on stuff. When enough of us do that the companies that make stuff need to hire more people in their stuff making factories, hire more truck drivers to deliver that stuff, and invest money on inventing new stuff. We pay some taxes on the stuff and the government has money to useful things like build roads and put out fires. It’s actually pretty simple, but it all assumes that the wage you’ve earned is enough to live on, and for the most part that ain’t true any more.

I’m old. When I was a kid most every family lived on ONE income. Now two incomes won’t buy that same lifestyle. Why not? Wages are lower, much much lower. Instead of paying workers a fair wage most corporate executives have to decided to pay themselves billions of dollars instead. A giant profit margin and struggling employees is now the norm. This is why there aren’t enough jobs.

American workers are some of the most productive in the world, they just aren’t paid very well anymore. Increase wages for workers, even if it means less profit and lower executive bonuses, and the economy will grow. No need for big government programs and certainly no need to make rich people richer. Neither of those things will work, which is why you should never vote for either party. Just raise wages, and accomplishing that feat is surprisingly easy.

How do we force companies to raise wages? Simple. Tax them to death if they don’t. If corporate profits are heavily taxed they’ll invest that money in human resources and research rather than just keep it or give it to the government. Make the top Income Tax rate about 90% above 2 million dollars. No company will pay a CEO if they aren’t even going to get most of the money. I’m not just making this shit up. We tried this before and it works. Why do you think the 50’s and 60’s were so prosperous?

Your local politicians and the rich leeches that support them hate this idea. After all it would make them a little poorer and a lot less powerful. They’ll call it ‘class warfare’ and ‘un-American’. And they’re wrong. It’s actually just anti-elite. It’s anti-entitled. It’s the very definition of American.

Pay attention, we’ve come to the important part. Your wages have been dropped and jobs have been cut on purpose to keep you scared and easily manipulated. Now every other domestic concern can be ignored because you’re poor and vulnerable. Environmental concerns? Oh no, we need jobs. Have any civil rights left? I don’t know, I’m trying to find a job. Seen any freedom lately? Well, you get the point. Both evil parties get to advance their own particular oppressive agenda by hiding behind the ‘jobs jobs jobs’ answer. And you buy it because you’re scared of being unemployed.

In 2010 the Republicans won elections on a job creation platform. As soon as they got in office they immediately started regulating vaginas. In 2008 Obama was elected on a platform of ‘hope and change’. His first appointments were to put Goldman Sachs bankers back in charge of the treasury. See the game? Make you poor, promise you a job, and steal your rights while you’re distracted. You don’t necessarily need a job, you need your life back. And neither of party will give it to you.

Freedom is more important than jobs. Civil rights are more important. The constitution is more important. Your privacy, quality of life, freedom of speech and relationship with God are more important too. And guess what? Fair wealth distribution turns out to be more important too.

As long as we’re discussing wealth I have one more question. Why do so many people in this country work so hard to make someone else rich? Because that’s what most jobs do. You go in and sweat every day doing something you might hate while some rich fucker collects most of the rewards of your labor. Fairer wages would help but it’s still gonna be his company. Why don’t more people work for themselves? Just wondering.

Anyway, the next time you hear some monkey in a suit repeating ‘jobs jobs jobs’ you should really be hearing ‘slaves slaves slaves’. Because that’s what we’re becoming, slaves to the ‘job creators’. If this seems like a bad idea I’d suggest you avoid voting for either party. Instead we need candidates that want to protect rights and heavily tax wealth. Of course if we don’t get those, there’s always revolution! Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.

Columbus and Stupid Hippies

Good afternoon gentle reader, and may I be the first to wish you a merry merry Columbus Day. Actually, I probably am the first because Columbus Day is yet another thing totally ruined by fucking hippies. That’s right, we don’t honor Columbus any more. No marveling at the courage to expand the world. No more celebration of discovery. No more acknowledgement of the expansion of European culture and civilization. Nope. Instead we wring our hands over hippy bullshit. Well here a couple of facts:

  • Imperialism existed before Columbus and continues unabated today. Holding him personally responsible for one of the main motivations of human political history is both stupid and silly.

  • You cannot judge his actions and misdeeds by current mores and standards. That’s just ridiculous.

  • It’s pretty fucking unlikely that what happened to indigenous Americans was his fault, especially since most of it happened a few centuries later. And guess what? Europeans were going to get here eventually.

  • Humans explore and expand. If Columbus is evil we better start killing astronauts right now.

  • If you’re really that offended by what happened after he sailed west, do something about it. Don’t be a fucking hypocrite. Give all your property to a native American and move the fuck back to the country of your ancestors. Otherwise you’ve just accepted stolen goods and are living off the fruit of imperialism. Go. Get out. Now. I’m sure the old country would love to have you back.

Speaking of hippies, I’d like to pass on a big FUCK YOU to both NYC and San Francisco. First, NYC. I’m a big guy and I drink soda. And I’ll DRINK AS MUCH OF IT AS I FUCKING WANT. And here in hippie capital USA I’d like to go pick up my soda at Safeway but you inbred busy-bodies won’t let me have a bag to carry it home. Perhaps you’ll tote it for me in your bloated, smug ego. I am so damn tired of being told what to do or how to live my life by narrow minded prigs with a severely exaggerated sense of self importance. You are not one bit better than the hate filled fear mongers on the right wing of the Christian church.

One more thing before I go back to pretending I live in another place and time. Could Mr. Mittens Romney stop LYING every fucking time he opens his mouth? Any half way politically aware person can find 100 out and out lies in every speech. Obama has been a HUGE disappointment and I won’t vote for him but at least he seems human. If Romney says it’s sunny every single one of us would reach for an umbrella. How could anyone with even a passing care for their soul vote for that lying sack of shit? I really wish there was some way for both of those clowns to lose.

Okay, I feel a little better now. Back to the baseball playoffs and chasing enlightenment. I might even raise a glass of Coke to good old Cristobal because I like warm California way the hell better than Norway, Scotland, or Ireland. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.