White Hot Rage

This train carries saints and sinners, This train carries losers and winners, This train carries whores and gamblers, This train carries lost souls, This trains dreams will not be thwarted… Bruce Springsteen, Land of Hope and Dreams.

I am fully aware of the addictive quality of anger even if that anger is both righteous and justified. Like a lot of addictive things it starts out feeling so good and cleansing but it inevitably leads to smugness and a complete lack of humor. Like Scotch or rum it’s a great addition to one’s life as long as it doesn’t BECOME one’s life. But, like violence, it DOES have it’s place. So stand back boys and girls, here it comes…

This election season is filling me with white hot rage. Not because it’s so fucking pointless and without meaning. Not because the lapdog media is doing such a piss-poor job covering it. Not because both parties seem to relish peeing all over our constitutional civil rights. Not because one candidate crushes my soul with disappointment while the other makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Not because it’s such a pure symbol of our descent into a fascist corporate dictatorship. These things are all true and they surely SUCK, but that’s not the problem. No, it’s because all of this is being done in Christ’s name by people who spend every fucking waking moment reminding you how they follow His teachings. Really? HAVE YOU READ THE FUCKING NEW TESTAMENT? DID JESUS FUCKING STUTTER?

How in God’s name can anyone justify voting for either of these clowns in God’s name? Is there no level of hypocrisy that becomes intolerable? I guess not. Let’s start with the GOP, usually considered the party of the conservative Christian. Did Jesus say anything about letting the poor starve? Did he say that caring for the sick is a bad fucking idea? Did he say that bankers were the surest way to heaven and that the rich were more beloved in the eye of God? In exactly which sermon did he preach intolerance and hatred? Because when I read the bible he mostly talked about love, caring for each other, and nonjudgmental acceptance. Where the fuck are those qualities in your platform?

Meanwhile on the other side of the battle is a dude who won the Nobel Peace Prize but thinks that killing Arab children is a perfectly fine idea. In which Gospel does Jesus say unto his flock “If some dude kills a few of your countrymen make sure you don’t forgive him and kill as many people that look vaguely like him as you can”. How is indefinite detention and domestic spying a Christian value? But he’s way better because he thinks people should be forced to buy insurance? BULLSHIT. He just talks a better game.

Sure, this is going to piss a lot of people off but I’m just taking you at your word. You tell me you’re Christian. You tell me that nothing means more than your relationship with the Almighty. Fine. SO WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING ACT LIKE IT? Or vote like it. No one who truly had Christ in his or her heart could ever pull a lever for any of these hate-filled idiots. Nor could they in good conscience declare themselves to be both Christian and Republican or Democrat. Those ideologies cannot exist in the same soul.

This is absolutely NOT just a Christian issue. No self respecting Buddhist or caring Atheist could vote for either of these parties either. Jesus, Buddha, and nearly every other serious religious thinker comes to pretty similar conclusions. Be kind. Care for each other. Don’t judge. Show compassion and refrain from killing each other. Share. Neither modern American political party resembles these teachings in any way. In fact they usually act in exactly the opposite way. Reward the rich. Ignore the poor. Kill the enemy. And go to church after doing it.

If you want to Vote for Mittens or Barry please go right ahead. That is your right. But if you do please understand that YOU ARE NO LONGER A GOOD CHRISTIAN. You’re not following the teachings of your savior even if you are following the lead of the rich HUMAN who runs your religion. You’re a republican or a democrat INSTEAD of a faith based believer. Or you’re the worst kind of hypocrite because both parties are EXACTLY what Jesus and Buddha were trying to warn you against. Judgment day is not some mystical time in the future. It’s right now, today. It’s this and EVERY minute. Either vote your religion or SHUT THE FUCK UP. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.

After the Revolution…

A few weeks ago I wrote a short essay on why a free Scotland matters. I’ve reposted it just below in case through some great oversight you missed it. Go read it now. I’ll wait… Okay, you’re back. Good. Now we can discuss the lesson a free Scotland has for today’s good old US of A.

Lord knows we have some ISSUES here in America. We’re deeply divided, frequently cowering in fear, and being looted by an increasingly corrupt and out of touch upper class. ‘Washington’ used to mean our greatest founding father and now it’s synonymous with greed, corruption, and elitist isolation. The time is ripe for revolution and change. But nobody wants to talk about what might come next. Maybe we need to look to Scotland and get with the program. Smaller, more responsive, more local countries. Yep, I think it’s time to break up the union.

The framers of the constitution were pretty damned smart. They figured out a lot of great ways to limit and define governmental power but even they debated between a unified country and a loose confederation of mostly independent states. As prescient as they were they could never have foreseen 300+ million people connected through microprocessors and nuclear weapons. No rational person could have foreseen corporations that make royalty and nations look poor. It’s my opinion that the Federalist debates might have had a different outcome if they’d seen and understood the future.

The United States has had a great run. But now our great Constitution is being ignored or actively pissed on by both sides of the political spectrum. Congress is a mess and likely can’t be fixed. Money controls every election and big banks flat out own the Treasury Department. The country has become too big, too unwieldy, and too divided to reach compromises on even the simplest issues. And that’s okay. Things change.

I know that breaking up the Union seems extreme but so what? Extreme only seems kinky the first time. Think about it. I live on the west coast. I exist happily in a diverse community full of various races and sexual orientations. I think women are sexual creatures that deserve total control of their own bodies. Many people in my world don’t go to church or don’t care if others do. Some even believe in science and facts. AND WHAT EXACTLY DO I HAVE IN COMMON WITH RURAL CHUCH-GOING THEISTS IN ALABAMA? And for that matter what do they have in common with me?

Remember our earlier discussion on what makes a country? A shared history, a certain set of cultural assumptions and viewpoints, a self definition and the wish for self determination. Would you like to tell me which set of laws and social mores are going to satisfy both me and Pat Robertson? I literally have more in common with someone from London, Istanbul or Seoul than I do with my fellow Americans in Lubbock Texas.

Of course there’s a tremendous temptation to point out all the places where I’m right and they’re wrong. I expect they’d be similarly tempted. But that’s not the point. We’re just different. If they want a theocracy with the 10 Commandments and prayer in every classroom who the hell am I to stop them? And if I want to teach science and extreme tolerance why should their fear stop me? It shouldn’t.

Maybe 300+ million people is just too large a group to govern efficiently. Maybe we’ve become too diverse as a country to ever get anything done. Maybe modern corporations and wealth amassing makes huge democracies too corrupt to survive. Maybe smaller nations are just plain better for the world. Whatever the reasons there should come a time when you stop digging and look for a ladder and a peaceful breakup seems like a pretty decent way out to me.

If we’re going to do this successfully the first thing we need to do is get rid of our current states. They’re essentially random and irrelevant. Instead let’s allow areas to amass themselves. I imagine 25 or so independent city states. Some are obvious. Hawaii and Alaska can just go. Maybe Texas too. Utah, northern Nevada and the Mormon parts of surrounding states makes sense. Maybe a big strip from Boston down through Philly since it’s a giant metroplex anyway. Perhaps Maine, NH, Vermont, western Mass and western Conn as a New England state. Bunch up some of the deep south. Divide up California. You get the idea. Come on, it’ll be fun.

Now that we have a bunch of allied but independent states we have to have a FEW rules. First of all every state gets to pass it’s own constitution and choose it’s own form of government. Want a theocracy or a true democracy? A republic with a parliament or a corporate fascist state? Well go right ahead. Personally I prefer a three tiered constitutional monarchy but that will have to wait for another essay. As a self determining group of people you can do ALMOST anything you want.

That’s right, almost. There are some restrictions. The most important rule is free transit and immigration. If you’re born in one country and hate it you must be able to move to one that suits you. A common defense strategy like NATO would have to be worked out. Free trade among states just makes sense. But that would be about it. I know, a whole lot of other shit would have to be negotiated. But it could be worked out. We’re Americans, we can do this.

America has traditionally been on the cutting edge of history. Why should we stop now? 100 years ago there were only a handful of countries on Earth. Now there are more than 200. Smaller groups of self determining people are clearly the wave of the future. Shall we surf that sucker into a freer and calmer future or are we going to cling to our dying empire until it gets washed under?

Everybody seems to want a revolution. The current system is universally reviled. I’m sick of fucking tired of hearing about how one party or the other is evil. Everyone’s bitching and hating. Instead let’s be solutions oriented. What should come next? How do we fix it? Well, here’s my solution. And yes, I’M TOTALLY FUCKING SERIOUS. Saor Alba, Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.