Democrat? I think not…

In the two earlier posts I’ve had a few issues with the republican half of the giant clusterfuck that is our political system. I also think you’d have to be truly delusional to elect a rich capitalist to run a system that’s been pillaged by rich capitalists. A new reader might think this makes me a Democrat. God forbid! Let’s spend a little time taking the blue state squirrels to the woodshed…

I’ve got three BIG issues with Obama and the dems: Civil rights, a total lack of spine, and a deep deep well of hypocrisy. Let’s just take them in that order. I tend to get a little fired up when it comes to civil rights and I would argue that Obama has been the single worst civil rights president since the Civil War. Not hyperbolically, literally. The expansion of the Patriot Act, the spying and detention provisions in the NDAA, the assassination of AMERICAN CITIZENS in foreign countries without arrest or trial, the continued use of rendition, drones, medical marijuana arrests, family destroying deportations, and on and on and on. I haven’t even gotten to Homeland Security and the death of the Bill of Rights yet. I could literally fill an entire fucking book on that subject. And don’t even get me started on the TSA. I haven’t flown since they started their reign of (t)error. If any republican had done these things there would be democratic hissy fits pouring out the television but since Obama did they must be okay, right? Bullshit. Obama’s refusal to investigate torture and civil rights abuses by the Bush administration was obscene. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t want the illegal things he’s doing prosecuted in the future?

The dems love to talk about civil rights, they just don’t like to grant them. But that makes sense given that they don’t actually stand up for anything they claim to believe in. They’re the party of labor but they let the other side screw over unions. They want to regulate corporations but just can’t quite manage it. They preach peace but quietly agree to war. They claim to care about the poor and disenfranchised but the fact is they just don’t have the balls to do anything about it. What passes for the liberal left in this country has yet to find a single fucking issue they care about enough to fight for. Liberal is not a dirty word so why do you run form the accusation? Which is worse, the republican policies that fuck over the poor on purpose or the week democrats who let it happen cause they’re too spineless to take an unpopular stance?

Of course not all of their ineptitude is due to their lack of balls. They’re hypocrits too. I’m amazed at their dexterity. They can simultaneously wring their hands over the power of the banks while shoving bankers money in their pockets. The fact is that, just like the republicans, the democratic party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate power elite. The only difference is that they pretend to care about someone else while the republicans don’t even bother any more.

To be fair, Obama has gotten a pretty raw deal. He gets blamed for all sorts of things that he has almost no control over. He also has very little power to fix the economy if the congress is too evil and/or inept to help. But that doesn’t mean he’s competent or should get a pass on the all the malevolent illegal shit he has done. At some point caring and compassionate people on the left are going to have to recognize that the democratic party does not represent them and certainly does not deserve their vote.

They aren’t getting mine. Not again, not ever. And voting republican is clearly an endorsement of evil corporate power. Deep down I think the system is too broken for my vote to matter any more. But what the hell, it’s free and easy to do so I’ll continue to wander down to a local garage and cast a ballot. I just won’t have any red or blue on it. Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion!