The Bile of the Season…

The big countdown continues.  One more week until the sun begins it’s long journey back north, two more weeks until the hideous greed and guilt festival of Commercemas slinks back into it’s ugly lair, three more weeks until the New Year and starting the whole sorry thing over.  During these literally dark days one can’t but help dwell on the idiocy of our time.  Here are a few mini rants that have been buzzing around my head…

Are we ever gonna give up our paternalism?  FDA scientists think the Plan B pill is perfectly healthy for teenage girls.  But no, big daddy president again caves to political pressure and overrules them for political reasons.  I’m pretty fucking sure that one of his campaign platforms was ‘science before politics’.  Traitor, but it isn’t enough that he lies.  No, he has to give a speech about having daughters of his own and how horrified he would be if either of them were being filled with sperm.  Asshole.  Almost every young girl will eventually have sex, even your daughter, and your inability to deal with it shouldn’t color public policy.  Girls can buy Advil, a much more potent drug, and boys can buy condoms, but girls need to be protected from themselves.  Weak, paternalistic bullshit.

Meanwhile Ms. Clinton is out making speeches about how other countries need to embrace gay rights as human rights.  She is, of course, one hundred percent correct.  But isn’t it a little hypocritical when both she and Obama are NOT in favor of gay marriage?  Isn’t his Justice Dept. still enforcing DOMA?  Exactly which rights does she mean, the ones she’s comfortable with and the politically expedient ones?  How about starting at home rather than preaching to backwards religious regimes?

Speaking of the ‘justice department’, can’t we just shut it down?  They let a huge shipment of guns be sent to Mexican drug lords while they were busy fucking around denying medical marijuana to dying patients.  Still those monkeys look like fucking progressives when compared to Homeland Security.  Obama has deported so many immigrants that he makes Bush look enlightened.  And don’t even get me started on the TSA.  Please.

At least he’ll keep his reform policies, right?  Sure he will.  He ran on a promise to reform for-profit colleges and the way they do business because they scam billions of government dollars from student loans.  Did that happen?  No.  The industry bought 16 million dollars worth of Democratic lobbyists and gutted the changes.  President Obama, the 15 cent president.  We gave him our dollar when he promised a lot of change.  We got about 15 cents.  Lies, excuses and bullshit.  He ran against Bush as a moral and legal disaster and then decided to continue most of his policies.  My disappointment with this man grows every day.

Of course he’s probably going to win again since the republicans are busy trying to see who can get to all out Fascist first.  No position is too extreme or hateful for this group.  Ship out all the mexicans.  No health care for the poor.  Gay soldiers get booed off the stage.  Hurray for killing!  And oh yeah, we all seem to be dumber than a bag of hammers!!!  Of course there are reasonable republican candidates.  Buddy Roemer.  Ron Paul.  They can’t get any attention since the side show has taken over the big top.

Republicans.  What a mess.  We’re rich and religious.  We only represent the wealthy and the repressed.  Screw the rest of you.  Usually literally, but without joy.  Furtively, in a men’s room somewhere while money changes hands.  How can a party that clearly represents the interests of 1% of the population keep winning majorities?  Not that dems are much better.  Both parties want to piss all over your rights, they just don’t always agree on which ones.  Of course they both think that they should have most of your money.

Enough politics.  What else is happening?  Let’s see, some tv channel decided to make a show about how hard it is to be a moderate Islamic in America.  Okay, it can’t be worse than the Kardashians.  Actually, I literally can’t imagine anything worse than the Kardashians.  Iron Chefs cooking babies and live kittens would be less horrifying.  Anyway, what’s the harm?  Oh, I forget about  the xenophobic christian nutcases.  They threaten a boycott and Lowes decides to cave in to their petty, vile threats.  Pathetic.  I’m pretty sure Moslems need to fix their pipes too.  Well, at least you illustrated their discrimination point.

Meanwhile the rest of you are lining up at airports to be fondled and abused.  You’re heading off to the mall like good little consumer sheep.  Exactly how does putting presents under a tree celebrate your savior who was nailed to one?  If it’s his birthday why do you get a lexus of a diamond?  Shouldn’t he get the gifts?  And wouldn’t he like a little more love and maybe a nice soap on a rope?

All right, that’s enough bile.  I genuinely hate this time of year but, as I said, it’s almost over.  I probably won’t post much more this year even though I’m working on a big spiritual piece.  I’m too cranky to finish it well.  I hope you enjoy whichever holiday you choose to celebrate.  Me, I’ll hunker down and wait for Solstice and after that I think I’ll go to Vegas for NYE to party away the gloom and start next year with a slightly more positive outlook.  Rum with Rock & Roll, just what the Archbishop ordered.  Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.