Get Over It My Ass…

Gentle parishioners, I come before you on this fine winter Sunday with dire news.  There’s an enemy amongst us who will settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of the United States of America.  No, it’s not al-qaeada or radical moslems.  Not the commies either.  It’s the dreaded and profoundly annoying ‘Get Over Its’.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

I’m an American and not likely to be mistaken for anything else.  I’m loud, ornery, and eternally optimistic in a shallowly cynical way.  Put my fat ass down in most any city in the world and within a few minutes the locals will be rolling their eyes in consternation and detached bemusement.  As an American my birthright includes the phrases “why”  “why not” and “that’s not good enough”.  Good Americans are always a little cranky and dissatisfied.  It’s why we innovate, change, and progress faster than any other country in history.  Most of my beloved Bill of Rights can be summed up by the phrase “Oh no you can’t”.  Why do you suppose the founders of this country thought it might be important to actually codify the protections in the constitution?  Because they KNEW that ruling classes would try to take them away and they were worried we might lose our edge.  So they wrote shit down and hoped that we’d be as ornery as they were in order to protect it.

The ‘Get Over Its’ or GOI hate this uniquely American trait.  They want us to go along and get along.  They don’t want a fuss and they certainly don’t want to think about anything scary or hard.  The TSA is molesting people while violating decency, common sense, and the law?  Well I’m sure it’s to keep us safe, and it’s only in airports so get over it.  Illegal rendition and torture in my name?  Well, we are at war with terror and those people might be bad, so just get over it.  The Treasury Department has been turned over to Goldman Sachs?  Well I’m sure those people know what they’re doing.  Get over it.  The GOI are everywhere.

One of the most effective GOI tactics is divide and label.  You people over there are ‘liberal’ and the rest of you are ‘conservative’.  Now blame each other while the  ruling class pisses all over the constitution.  Worried about the corporatization of the media, marriage rights, the war on some drugs, certain kinds of free expression, or the encroachment of Christianity into the civil world?  Get over it you liberal commie hippy.  Wanna carry a gun, have fiscal accountability, speak without the PC police bothering you, wonder about the disadvantages of an entitlement state, or discuss the responsibilities of parenthood?  Get over it you neo-nazi reactionary.  We fight each other and both lose.  Funny, I don’t know any liberals or conservatives.  I just know Americans.

Maybe the TSA fight can be the first battle in the war against the GOI.  Thousands of American troops have died and are dying for the freedoms listed in the constitution.  They deserve profound honor and respect.  They also deserve to have their fellow Americans fighting to keep us free in other ways.  By now you’ve probably seen various TSA atrocity videos.  Stop for a minute and pretend the innocent traveler being humiliated is a veteran and after fighting for their country they come home to have their rights trampled.  It makes me want to throw up, not get over it.  Fighting the GOI is our patriotic duty, and I won’t shirk it.

Beware the calling cards of the GOI:  Be quiet, I’m tired of hearing you rant.  Let’s just move on, it’s not that serious.  They have our best interests at heart.  There’s nothing we can do about it anyway.  I don’t want to get involved or think too hard so you shouldn’t either.  Just bend over and take it.  Humiliation isn’t that important.  Don’t be so passionate and worked up.
FUCK YOU!  I, for one, am NOT going to get over it.  I’m going to stay ALL PISSED OFF.  And LOUD.  And PERSISTENT.  And if you don’t want to fight for your rights at least shut up and get the hell out of my way.  So fuck you again, mister or misses get over it.  Get over that.  I’m an American and THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.

– Archbishop Angus

The TSA and Your Civil Rights…

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”  – Ambrose Redmoon

So, the government wants to fondle your nether regions.  Why?  Because they can.  And why can they?  Because us retards let them.  Had enough yet?  Think that the Constitution is still in operation?  Think this is still a free country?  Think you still have any Civil Rights left?  Then why is some dude making $12 an hour squeezing your wife’s tits and taking nekkid pictures of your teenage daughter?  Every time I think I’ve hit the bottom of the deep well of cynicism in my soul the world proves me wrong.

Brothers and sisters, let’s have a little reality check here.  The primary directive of any government is to insure it’s own power and enrich it’s own employees.  Our wise and wonderful founders knew this all too well.  That’s why most of the constitution explains what the government CAN’T do rather than what it can.  Oh sure, the government does a bunch of necessary stuff but first it amasses power to itself using ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  When’s the last time the government passed a law to give you more rights at the expense of legislative power?  Or for that matter when’s the last time you heard any politician say “Everything is cool.  You’re safe and the world is improving”?  Thought so.  Mostly they lie and scare you.  Commies are infiltrating everything!  Black people will take over!  Hippies are going to send us to hell!  Moslems hate us!  Mexicans are beheading people in the desert!  Drugs are undermining society!  Sex on tv is destroying the fabric of the family!  Gay people are killing marriage!  Al-qaeda is gonna blow up everything!  Different things are scary and the world is a horrible and dangerous place!  Run, run for the hills!  We’ll protect you by declaring war.  War on drugs, war on illegal immigrants,  war on porn, even war on terror itself.  You can’t be against that, can you?  Do you like terror?

Here’s a little newsflash: ANY TIME THE GOVERNMENT CAN TAKE YOUR RIGHTS BY SCARING YOU, THEY WILL.  Sometimes they do it to make themselves rich, sometimes to insure re-election, and sometimes because they’re stupid and scared themselves.  Here’s another newsflash: MOST OF THE STUFF THE GOVERNMENT DOES WON’T MAKE YOU ONE BIT SAFER.  Sorry.  They can never have that much power.  No one does.  I can’t decide which I think is funnier; the fact that after many years of constant civil rights erosion people have finally drawn the line at sexual assault or the fact that up to 80% of Americans are siding with the TSA.  Okay, I’ll play along.  Let’s examine the current full body scan controversy.  What are the facts?
* The full body scan is clearly a violation of personal privacy.  The government does not have the right to take nekkid pictures of you.  End of story.
* The scans violate lots of other laws.  Taking nude pictures of minors is illegal.  Distribution of images without consent is illegal.  And don’t tell me no one sees them.  100’s of them have been leaked to the web.
* The full body pat down is an illegal search.  Buying a ticket does NOT constitute reasonable cause.
* Forced fondling is a sexual assault in every fucking state.  Don’t believe me that this qualifies?  Then why are rape survivors breaking down into hysterics when subjected to it?
* The scans and searches accomplish absolutely nothing.  Not one person has been convicted of anything based on a scan.  Not one past attack would have been prevented.  The TSA isn’t even clear on what they’re looking for.
* TSA agents receive almost no training before using the equipment or performing the pat downs.  They don’t even know what they’re looking for.
* Israel, home to the most secure airports in the world, don’t use either one.  Because they don’t work.
* The last few big terrorist attacks in Europe have been on trains and subways.  The government knows you’re scared of flying and will agree to any damn thing in an airport even though the real threat might be elsewhere.
* 9/11 sucked, no question about it.  But let’s put it behind us.  In the great scheme of history it is NOT as important as lot of other things.  And it’s being used against us by the government every fucking day.

So let’s sum up.  The scans are pointless and illegal.  The pat downs are sexual assault and accomplish nothing.  Still don’t believe me?  Cogitate upon the following fact.  Pilots have to go through the process.  Why?  What in the hell would a pilot be sneaking onto the plane in his underoos?  If the pilot wants to hijack or crash the plane he doesn’t need explosives, HE HAS THE STEERING WHEEL.  So exactly how are you one teeny bit safer?  Face it, you’re standing there with your shoes in your hands and some strangers hand in your crotch for NO GOOD REASON. Oh, there is a reason, just not a very good one.  During one of the much televised confrontations a TSA agent is overheard telling a passenger “you don’t have any civil rights once you buy a ticket and enter the airport”.  Really?  Why not?  Says who?  Oh, and FUCK YOU!

No government official has disagreed with this rather broad statement.  So there’s your explanation.  It’s an excuse to further remove your rights and augment their power.  What’s next?  Train stations and subway cars?  Malls and festivals?  Wanna get groped and have your purse searched at the grocery store?  Why not, you might be in danger there too.  Once you agree that the government can suspend your constitutional rights in order to make you marginally safer you’ll have a very difficult telling them to limit themselves.  The only answer is to say “Fuck you, I’ll tolerate the risk rather than give up my freedom”.  And apparently most of America is too damn weak to do that.

If you’re one of the 80% telling the vapid reporter “Well, I guess it’s worth it in order to be safe” then you’re a lost cause.  If sexual assault doesn’t seem like a good place to stand up, nothing will.  Just hand over your remaining free will at the nearest government office and go back to living like the slave that you are.  If you’re one of the people who just woke up to civil rights reality when the cold fingers of the law started spreading your butt cheeks, don’t just stand there.  Do something.

I don’t fly.  I haven’t been on a plane since 9/11.  I won’t give up my civil rights just because I contracted with a private company to carry me to another airport.  I’d love to go to Mexico with friends next year, but I won’t.  I drive to LA and Vegas and I may drive cross country next summer to go to NY.  It’s inconvenient, but since soldiers are dying for my freedom, it seems like the least I can do.  You could do it too.  Stop flying.  Ever.  It might mean some personal sacrifice but think how much fun it would be.  Huge corporations like airlines and jet fuel companies would start losing lots of money.  Then we’d get to watch the government freak out when their corporate overlords demanded changes that, in their words, would make us unsafe.  Good times.  And who knows, it might start a trend.  Standing up for Civil Rights might catch on.  And that’s how revolutions begin.  Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion!

– Archbishop Angus