Nobody Cares…

And thank goodness for that.  How creepy would that be?  Anyway, boys and girls, The Right Reverend is back online, and the world shrugs in a nonchalant way.  Where have I been, you ask?  I’ve been exploring the dark recesses of my soul and found it to be both dark and recessed.  But enough about me, how have you been?  On second thought, forget about you.  Let’s get back to me.  I’m a much more interesting topic.  How have I been?  What’s going on in my life?  Well, read on gentle reader.  (And if you don’t care about my opinions, what are you doing here?  Go back to downloading porn.)

The last 3 months have been one of those horrible chances to expand and grow.  Another fucking learning experience.  For the last 20 years my life has been arranged around helping other people.  Service above self.  Really, no shit.  Raising children, training clients, teaching both kids and adults, starting and growing the nonprofit. supporting friends, healing others, and learning to be kind.  (The kind part was hard because I come from a long line of assholes!)  Now that period of my life seems to be over for a while.  I need to heal myself.

This transition has TOTALLY SUCKED.  Transitions always do, and this one involves a complete reorientation of thought.  Alas, poor me.  All right, enough whining.  I’m such a drama queen.  You get the point.  I’ve got ISSUES.  My knee os totally fucked.  My cholesterol is too high.  Flying monkeys have colonized my brain.  So the next 6 months are going to be a rebuilding period.  Run 6 days a week.  Maybe another marathon.  Less junk food.  Full nights of sleep.  Weights three times a week.  Martial arts training three times a week.  Learning to play some music on the bagpipes.  Walks on the beach and time spent with friends.  You get the picture.  In other words I have to spend half a year doing all the shit I help other people do.  Oh, the horror.

And after that?  Well in October I’m going to start my 5th career, writer.  I have 2 books outlined and I’m damn well going to write them.  How hard could that be?  I think I’ll write both at the same time to make it more challenging.  But not until the fall.  Until then I’m learning to take care of myself.  Not an easy job, but God says I should and, as a reverend, I must obey.  It will also give me plenty of time to update the blog, but as we said earlier, nobody cares.  Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.

“Egotism is nature’s compensation for mediocrity.”    – L. A. Safian