Fail fail fail…

“This constant uncertainty may make everything seem bleak and almost hopeless; but if you look more deeply at it, you will see that its very nature creates gaps, spaces in which profound chances and opportunities for transformation are continuously flowering if, that is, they can be seen and seized.”- Sogyal Rinpoche

I’m back.  I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been away on a spiritual retreat.  Such is the Holy Life.  Deal with it.  Upon my return I come bearing intellectual and spiritual gifts.  A new insight that will undoubtedly be met with the universal disinterest that’s met my earlier revelations.  Oh well, to quote Linda Ellerbee, “and so it goes…”.

One the hardest things for human beings to do is admit failure.  I don’t know why.  We fail all the time and it hardly seems to matter in any great cosmic way.  The Great Whatever Universe really doesn’t care.  Well, I think the time has come to admit that this country is failing.  A noble experiment that has run it’s course.  Some great founding principles that couldn’t withstand the technological and social advances that ravaged them.  We need to start over but we can’t do that until we acknowledge the failure of the current system.  In this sermon I’m going to try to convince you of this failure.  Later we can discuss what should come next…

The first job of a government is to protect it’s citizens from foreign invaders and guard it’s borders.  Fail.  We’ve fought recent wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  None of them were threatening us.  We have troops all over the world, from Japan to Korea to Germany to God only knows where else.  None of these places are threatening us.  And when a group like Al-Queda does show up, we don’t have any fucking useful way to fight it.  So we just fuck around in the middle east instead.  Our military adventures are about killing young men in order to satisfy the blood lust of stupid old fucks like Dick Cheney/Donald Rumsfeld and making certain large Corporations very rich.  Meanwhile our borders are a joke, our ports are unguarded, and no one in the government seems to give a shit.  Fail fail fail.

How about regulating the economy?  Nope.  Fail.  The economy grows when resources are put into research, development, and manufacturing.  Our economy puts most of it’s resources into Wall Street and Insurance, two industries that produce NOTHING OF VALUE.  They don’t innovate.  They don’t create job growth.  They just make rich fucks even richer.  And our entire Treasury Department is tied to Goldman-Sachs and AIG.  They don’t listen to anyone else and they don’t regulate the economy for the good of the people.  More failure.

How about healthcare?  Uh, no.  The system is so fucked up and corrupted by the big insurance companies that people DIE everyday to make a few more dollars more.  And they’ve made so much money that they can afford to flat out buy senators and media outlets like Fox News.  Evil failure.

So, how’s your kids school?  Thought so.  National education that actually makes kids dumber as they age.  And tons of social engineering crap thrown in.  Even when there are good, dedicated educators they can’t do much because parents didn’t bother to teach little junior how to behave.  What a fucking mess.

And what exactly happened to good parenting?  You know, the kind where parents said “no” to stupid ideas and bad behavior?  The kind where parents were actually connected to their children’s lives and provided boundaries?  We’ve created a system where both parents have to work 60 hours a week and no one raises little Jason ands Jessica.  So little J&J are at a house party with no adults, getting drunk and giving blow jobs.  And they’re 12.  Meanwhile their 16 year old brother is buying guns and heading out for retribution against the bullies who’ve made his life a living hell.  And every fucking day we hear about how we have to ‘protect the children’.  Failure writ large.

This week in the Bay Area a 15 year old girl was gang raped for two and a half hours (let that sink in for a minute) while she attended her school homecoming dance.  An assortment of evil fuckers aged 15-18 took her behind the school and went at it.  MANY people walked by and didn’t stop it.  Onlookers took cell phone pics and texted friends to come take part.  There was no school security and no one took responsibility.  In fact the moron principle was quoted in the local paper saying that on whole, the dance was a success.  Well, actually, no.  Not so much.  A raped student, a disgraced staff, 8-15 other students going to jail forever.  Failure.

A few years ago I was attending an informational seminar on girls self defense at a local high school.  The presenter came prepared to discuss hundreds of situations.  But the 250+ girls only wanted to discuss one thing.  Date rape.  Something many of them had experienced.  This is the sign of a successful society?

As long as we’re in the Bay Are let’s talk about the fact that the Bay Bridge is fucking falling down.  Twenty, yes TWENTY, years ago there was earthquake and engineers decided that the bridge wasn’t safe.  The new bridge might be done in 4 more years.  Apparently we can’t even build bridges efficiently any more.  And don’t get me started on the rest of our failing infrastructure.  Crappy roads and highways.  Old and outdated power grid.  100 year old sewers.  Failure upon failure.

Politics?  Oh please.  We all know that money determines who gets elected and what gets done.  Pleasing your funders is infinitely more important than pleasing your constituents.  Whole books can and have been written on this particular failure.

Religion?  A very sad failure indeed.  The first amendment (the FIRST one, meaning most important) separates church and state.  A very good idea.  See the Theocracies in the world to see what total failure really looks like.  But we now have an influential wing of a political party loudly advocating just that.  And religion is now used by many of it’s practitioners to bludgeon other people rather than care for them.  The ultimate fail.

Freedom?  What a sick joke.  Try to smoke in public.  Try to marry the person you love if they’re the same sex.  I can’t even get my groceries in a plastic bag or throw out my garbage without getting a ticket for “illegal sorting”.  A nice officer regularly informs me bike is too loud.  The great mommy government is overseeing all kind of shit and we lose freedom with every passing second.

Let’s face it.  The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has become the Land of the Regulated and the Home of the Working Sheep.  America is failing.  And all those groups of “patriots” who want to go back to the 50’s are a big part of the problem.  Ain’t happening.  Things changed.  Time marched on.  And you’re being manipulated.  But there is an opportunity here.  As King George was overthrown, so can we overthrow Goldman-Sachs and Blue Cross.  The Constitution can be rewritten and updated.  And we the people can do it.  Viva La Revolucion.  Amen.